First post….Why?

I’ve been trying for days to write this blog, to give insight into the whats and whys of starting, or in my case re-inventing, my photography studio. I founded it in 1991 to photograph weddings and shoot modeling photos in Ohua, Hawaii. I started because friends were asking me to shoot their weddings and other events. I embraced the thought of combining my love of photography with the opportunity to make some extra cash. Well, I’ve been taking pictures all my life (it seems) and I never really thought about describing why I took a particular picture or why I like it.

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, I promise to try and keep it to less than a hundred (except on rare occasions like this first post). I was probably reading too much about how to start a “phlog”, instead of concentrating on why. There are the obvious reasons, like promoting my business and portfolio, building a strong social media presence, announcing discounts on services with promotions and giveaways, and creating a more personal relationship with potential clients, but it’s really about lighting a fire under me to get me out and shooting more.

I finally decided to just write about my photos and what they mean to me…


My first feeling is one of serenity, even while regretting my ability to get used to the beauty around me. To engage in the daily work flow of everyday life, constantly forgetting to “smell the roses”, while not knowing what I would miss until I no longer lived there. This photo also motivates me to get back there one day (retirement?). I am also reminded of the fact that these islands were created by some still active volcanoes.